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“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

A Christmas Adventure Awaits!

Fantasy Reimagination of A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer and the Invisible World is a hand-drawn Metroidvania and fantasy reimagination of the classic novella, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Experience a supernatural Victorian England filled with ghosts and spirits chained to the mortal world, and master a deep set of Metroidvania powers and abilities imagined as ghosts assisting Ebenezer in his quest to protect the city.

Summon Attack and Movement Ghosts, Spirit Kids, acquire Ghostly Weapons, discover enchanted Heirlooms, collect rare materials to exchange at Jaspar’s Wandering Bazaar and Food Court, all as you advance through the storyline, find secrets, and uncover the truth about Caspar Malthus.

Christmas in Victorian-era England comes alive in this beautiful, meticulously crafted hand-drawn and hand-animated 2D Metroidvania.

Spirits Roam the Mortal World

It’s Christmas Eve and London is shrouded in the eerie presence of Ghosts, bound to their afterlife by chains and unable to offer aid to those in need. However, since Ebenezer’s encounter with Jacob Marley, he is now able to perceive these spectral beings, who task him with completing benevolent deeds on their behalf. Step into the shoes of Ebenezer Scrooge and embark on a quest to aid the Ghosts in their pursuits. As a reward for your efforts, each Ghost will lend its own remarkable abilities to aid Ebenezer on his journey.

“I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.” – Jacob Marley

Survive the Unrepentant Ghosts

In the depths of London, there are spirits that linger without any desire to aid the living. These are The Unrepentant – ghosts who have no guilt or remorse for their wasted mortal lives. They have retreated to the dark corners of the city, abandoned buildings, forgotten tunnels, and deep forests, and in their isolation, they have lost touch with their humanity.

Their forms have twisted and contorted into monstrous aberrations, reflections of their wicked deeds. They represent an entirely new level of unnatural and eerie existence. Following the chaos brought on by Caspar Malthus, The Unrepentant have grown increasingly belligerent and aggressive towards the living.

Reader beware, these dangerous ghosts – the likes of which you have never seen before – exhibit powers much greater than simply possessing door knobs.

Are you brave enough to embark on this supernatural adventure?

"You don't know what it's like to be poor, and yet to have a heart full of love and generosity." - Ghost of Christmas Present

Gameplay Features

Summon Ghosts to Perform Special Abilities:

  • Summon unique movement-focused Ghosts, which can be chained together to grant Ebenezer limitless mobility and airtime
  • Take the fight to the enemy with unique combat-focused Ghosts, each providing a new way to confront Ebenezer’s foes
  • Never go alone again as you are accompanied by gifted Spirit Kids who offer their unique abilities to attack, defend, or heal
  • Find Unique Melee Weapons, including Fantastic Canes and Ghostly Weapons each with their own advantages and disadvantages

Story Features

  • A new villain has emerged in London, Caspar Malthus, but his true nature may not be what it seems
  • Meet ghosts, each with a personal story, who join Ebenezer on his adventure once you complete their quests
  • Over 50 different characters with dialogue
  • Take a deep dive into the lore by exploring each Unrepentant Ghosts’ life story and past acts
  • Explore the depth of London, from the Christmas-filled City Center to the ghost-filled Necropolis.

RPG and Puzzle Features

  • Play to your preferences: Customize Ebenezer’s abilities using any combination of 4 discovered Heirlooms with the Heirloom Slot System
  • Upgrading Your Ghost: Each Attack Ghost can be upgraded to grant Ebenezer greater power!
  • Ghostly Weapons: Ebenezer will acquire enchanted Canes and ghostly weapons striking fear into his opponents
  • Crafting Lite: Collect rare items such as Platinum, Mugwart, Glass, and more to craft upgrades for Ghosts, Health and Spirit
  • Puzzles that will make you think: Ebenezer does not just use his braun – use your smarts to complete fun and engaging puzzles
Dive Kick Ghost
Teleport ghost

Hover your mouse cursor
over the ghosts to learn their stories

Hover your mouse cursor over the ghosts to learn their stories

Mountaineer Ghost
Trapeze Artist Ghost

"Reflect upon your past, for it shapes your present and future."

Ebenezer and The Invisible World Story background top

The story begins in Victorian-era London at the manor of the Malthus family. The current patriarch of the family, Caspar Malthus, is a rich industrialist and head of a manufacturing empire. Like those who came before him, he detested the poor and working class of London and hoped for a future where some new technology could render their presence in society entirely unnecessary. He gave little thought or concern as to what would happen to them all afterwards.

One Christmas Eve, Caspar was visited by the ghost of an old boyhood friend, Eric Fellows. Eric had come to warn Caspar that he must change his ways, or he will suffer an eternity of torment on this earth, weighed down by the chains of his own cruelty. Caspar was not convinced by these prophecies, but Eric had expected this. He told Caspar that he would be visited by three ghosts…

The Christmas Spirits of the Past, Present and Yet to Come, appeared and showed Caspar many scenes from his life. His childhood, the plight of his workers, and finally the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come allowed him to witness the eve of his death. Caspar saw an old man, hunched over a drawing board and surrounded by a library of failed designs, models and ideas. His future self’s obsession with conceiving some means to expand his family’s empires without the need to sustain the poor and working class of the city has only grown over the years. Caspar watched as his future-self put a final finishing touch on his newest device and then suddenly yell out with a joyous cry of exultation upon realization that after a lifetime of failed attempts, he had finally achieved his goal. However, this moment of triumph was short lived as this excitement was too much for his frail old body that had been worn away be decades of neglect. Caspar watched his future-self fall to the floor, take in one final breath, and die alone in his empty house without a single soul to mourn him.

When Caspar returned to the present he assured Eric that he had seen the error of his ways. He would not succumb to that fate or allow his life to become an obsession over an unachievable goal. When Eric departed, he returned to his study to ponder the night’s events. He was almost asleep when he was startled by the thudding sound of immense chains being dragged across the floor. He opened his eyes only to see a much more sinister spirit appear before him. This massive dark creature sarcastically lamented at how foolish Caspar was in his fear of what the future would bring. He told Caspar that the future he witnessed need never come to pass. The dark spirit reminded Caspar that he had already seen the results of his decades long obsession, the mechanism that would end the need of the working class in London. A world where the rich and wealthy no longer need to suffer the presence of the lower classes. While his future self may not have lived to see the device put into action, there was no reason why he could not make use of the design now.

Caspar thought about this. He had seen enough of the device and blueprints scattered on the floor to understand the brilliance of how it would appropriate. Yes, he thought to himself, I could create it right now, right here in my own factory. It wouldn’t take half a century, or even a decade, it would not take longer than a year, and after that the Malthus family would finally realize their generations long goal. Although no words were spoken between Caspar and the dark spirit, there was an understanding shared in their eyes that both of them had a lot of work to do.

Our story begins once again in the city of London on Christmas Eve, 1 year later. 

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The Ghostiary

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Harvey was a postman who resented the good fortune of others and was always jealous when others had something good in their lives. Kind words of love and joy often arrived in an envelope, and he would hide the letter so it never reached the recipient. If he didn't receive good news, why should anyone else! Harvey still walks a mailman's route looking to ruin someone - anyone's - joyful day.

Lady Adeline

Lady Adeline grew up loving the stage and later became a theater critic for the local newspaper, The Pemberley Gazette. As a credentialed commentator, Adeline was ruthless with her criticism failing to ever offer a kind word to the thespians who worked so hard to produce a play for her to enjoy. In the afterlife, she continues to criticize the world around her and throws tomatoes at those she views as "pastiche".

Malthus Private Guard

The Malthus family has a private security force tasked with stopping rioters and protests. After Malthus laid off so many of the working people in London that work in the factories, Malthus has expanded the Private Guard substantially. Armed with riot gear, weapons, and protective masks - they want to protect themselves from the disease and filth of the working poor - the Malthus Private Guard patrols London and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Malthus's interest.

Evelyn Michaels

Evelyn Michaels was a promising tightrope walker at Astley's Royal Amphitheatre, where she performed death-defying stunts that left audiences in awe. She longed to have the spotlight on her and only her. Evelyn would sabotage the performance of her colleagues so she alone would be flawless. Now as a ghost, she uses her balancing stick to poke and prod at those who get in her way. Her movements are quick and unpredictable, so be careful!

Ignatius Cogswell

Ignatius Cogswell was once an ingenious inventor who, despite his brilliance, had a twisted sense of humour. He would often play nasty pranks on his colleagues, causing them embarrassment and distress. His obsession with practical jokes led to his death when one of his inventions malfunctioned and exploded in his workshop. As a vengeful spirit, Ignatius now uses his engineering skills to create deadly traps and gadgets to torment those who dare to cross his path. He cackles with delight as he watches his victims fall prey to his malicious devices, relishing in their fear.

Dmitry Sokolov

Dmitry Sokolov is a skater who gracefully twirls and spins around the room. He was madly in love with his partner, Natalia, who did not share romantic feelings for him. Dmitry practiced obsessively believing that if he were the greatest skater in the world, she would love him. He abandoned his family, his friends, his responsibilities, even his own well being to pursue this unrequited love.

Natalia Sokolova

Natalia Sokolova glides along the frozen lake with ease, elegantly skating to and fro. In life, she was a renowned skater who won numerous championships with her graceful and flawless performances on ice. Despite overwhelming talent, she was obsessed with winning and terrified of losing. She would even have her competitors injured prior to events so they could not compete. She continues to haunt the lakes demonstrating her perfect form.

Malthus Gas Guard

The Malthus Gas Guard is a special unit in the Malthus Guard. They carry a poisonous byproduct of Malthus' mysterious new automation as a weapon. The noxious gas that spews from their bellows can disperse an entire crowd or incapacitate the occupants of a small building. The true damaging effects are unknown, as even the Malthus family is unsure of the long term effects of exposure to these chemicals.

Oscar Thimblestitch

In his mortal life, Oscar Thimblestitch was a popular tailor who reveled in the fashion trends of his day. In fact, he looked with disdain and grand judgment on those he deemed have poor fashion sense. His ghostly form resembles a small, frog-like creature with a sewing machine sewn into his back. This ghost is still driven by his sartorial passion and will not hesitate to lunge at anyone committing a fashion faux-paux.

Malthus Grenadier Guard

The Malthus Private Guard utilizes grenade units to disorient groups of protesters and strikers. Once the group starts to panic and runs for cover, the Grenadiers will stay back while the rest of the Malthus Guard rushes in to push back the crowd and make an example out of the stragglers. While their grenades are powerful, their heavy backpacks make them slow and unwieldy opponents one-on-one.

Harold Wickman

A candle lighter in his mortal life, Harold Wickman was responsible for lighting candles during ceremonies. However, Harold's penchant for setting fire to candles did not stop there. He set fire to linens, curtains, and even furniture, causing many injuries or worse. He now floats about carrying a lamp, occasionally dropping hot embers on the ground below. The ember ignites into flames causing an obstacle for those who seek safe walking paths.

The Magnificent Headsman

Magnificent Headsman takes the form of a floating head crowned with a top hat with four ghostly hands interlocked by chains hovering above. Its terrifying visage is the result of its twisted mind and penchant for manipulating others. In life, he was an influential businessman who made his fortune through ruthless and unethical means. He would use his power to exploit and manipulate his employees and competitors, causing untold suffering in the process. In death, he now launches himself at unsuspecting victims with a ferocity fuelled by his own malevolence.

The Undertakers

The James and Collen Lin were accomplished undertakers who took immense pride in their work. But they had a dark secret - they trapped countless of birds to pluck their feathers as part of funeral arrangements. They were cruel to the birds and failed to provide even basic needs to keep them healthy. In death, James remains a hostile man and Collen has developed into a spectral form of a bird. They act in tandem to disrupt the mortal world.

Tyler Ruth

Tyler was a baseball player with a fiery temper. He was known for his aggressive behavior on and off the field. One day, during a heated argument with a teammate, he landed a punch that broke the teammate's jaw. This incident led to his suspension from the team, leaving him with no source of income. Desperate for money, he turned to the only option he could think of: loan sharking. Tyler was brutal in his effort to collect unpaid amounts.


A skilled gardener in life, Vineguarde loved plants. His plants were always there for him. Unlike the friends and family he eventually abandoned, his plants never said a mean word to him or shared an opinion counter to his own. He preferred the company of plants to people and isolated himself in his botanical paradise. Now, as a ghost, he possesses hanging plants ready to strike at any unsuspecting intruders who dare to disturb his isolation.

Rock Stygra

Rock Stygra was once a landowner who protected his estate with unreasonable zeal. He was known by the locals for his paranoid nature, constantly imagining intruders on his land and even throwing rocks toward children if they played near his property. He now exists in the form of a gargoyle, intimidating intruders, and using a combination of stone throws and portals to keep the unwanted away.


Lizzorath was a herpetologist obsessed with studying lizards. He went to great lengths to conduct experiments on them with callous disregard to whether they lived or not. In death, he has taken on the form of a scaly ghost resembling his beloved creatures, using his ghostly powers to crawl up and down walls and attack with his long, sticky tongue. His slender body allows him to move with eerie agility, making him a formidable opponent.

Wailing Wendy

Wailing Wendy found herself chained to the mortal world in the most tragic of circumstances. In life, Wendy was deeply in love with her best friend, a man named Jeffery. She yearned that Jeffery would share her love, but alas, he did not. Her heart was broken and she never let go. Wendy lived her life unwilling to love herself without Jeff's reciprocal love. In death, she still weeps for the love she never had, shouting her pain at anyone in earshot.

Grom Boulderfist

Grom Boulderfist is a massive ghostly soldier. His only desire in life was to see the fear in his enemies eyes when he and his men charged an enemy position. Even in death, his spirit is still filled with nothing but joyous wrath and wants nothing else but to see the fear in his enemies before he strikes them down. He wields a shield and a hammer that appears carved from solid rock. His every move shakes the ground, and his stone shield is impenetrable, making it difficult for Ebenezer to land a hit.

Arachnus Webb

Arachnus Webb had a fascination with arachnids and their intricate webs. He devoted his life to collecting spiders, eventually amassing a vast collection of exotic species from all over the world. He built a spider farm and became a renowned expert on spider behaviour and physiology, even publishing several books on the subject. His obsession with spiders ultimately consumed him so much so that he imagined personalities for all his spiders and he could no long distinguish the spiders from humans.

Dr. Miga Moss

Dr. Miga Moss was a mycologist studying the properties of fungi and their medical uses. She operated a grand research center with a greenhouse full of mushrooms. However, her research often produced dead ends and her funding was frequently in jeopardy. To ensure her research continue, she regularly falsified her data to show more positive results than what was observed in trial. This led to many people becoming sick. In the afterlife, Dr. Moss is a mushroom-covered woman who became one with the wall, attacking anyone that disturbs her space.

Franklin Reed

Franklin was an accountant at a prestigious accounting firm that made a good living. But, he had secret. He was a thief. He would steal anything in sight: books, hairbrushes, pens, combs, watches. It didn't matter. He often stole possessions with little commercial value, but deeply sentimental to the person he stole from. Some of his victims lost treasured family heirlooms and personal keepsakes from loved ones. In the afterlife, Franklin possesses objects to keep them close.

Detective Bell

Detective Gerald Bell was as corrupt as they come at the London Police. He would plant evidence, give false testimony, lie on police reports, and even took bribes. Moreover, he was a massive man and used his size to push around the little guys. After a lifetime of innocents looking up at him in fear, now, in death, the Detective can never look up and can only look down to the ground, forced to look for clues for a case that never was.

Luciano Valtieri

Luciano Valtieri was once a world-famous tenor who was beloved by audiences everywhere. He let his success go to his head, and he became increasingly arrogant and cruel to those around him. He demanded perfection from his choir and his orchestra, and treated anyone who was less than perfect with cruelty his entire career. Now, he roams about singing out of tune, doomed to live the afterlife unable to match the perfection he demanded of his orchestra.

Thomas Timber

Thomas Timber was a master carpenter who prided himself on his ability to turn the finest wood into exquisite furniture and decorative items. However, he had a short temper and would often lash out at his apprentices when they made mistakes. Many of his apprentices disappeared, and there whereabouts have not been discovered. In the afterlife, his spirit is forever burdened to carry the log on his back weighed by all the secrets he kept. Thomas Timber now hurls logs at anyone who comes near him.

Heinrich Shockman

Heinrich Shockman was a brilliant yet cruel inventor who made a living by experimenting on unwilling subjects. He developed a harmful device that could harness electricity from the human body and channel it into machines. To perfect his invention, he needed to conduct experiments on live subjects, which he abducted from the streets of London. Despite being caught and tried for his crimes, Shockman expressed no remorse. In the afterlife, he is now a small man crawling on the floor with electrodes sticking out of his back and spine.


Titus was a mean bully all his life. He was terrible to anyone that looked different. Whether taller or shorter or bigger or smaller - everyone different was a victim to his awful mistreatment. His rage continues to envelope him in the afterlife, only causing him to grow bigger and bigger in his anger. Now he roams about bullying anyone that comes near him.

Finley Stream

Finley Stream was once a fisherman with a large family who lived by the river. He spent hours observing the fish and even more hours drawing intricate sketches of them in his journal. Meanwhile, his wife, Deborah, worked tirelessly to care for their children, often feeling she was alone. Now, his ghostly form can be seen jumping out of the water. Some say he leaps out of the water to return to the family he neglected in life, only to be pulled back in by the gravity of his mortal decisions.

Jaime Ramos

Jaime Ramos was a famous athlete in life, known for setting records in track and field. Despite all of his success, he was never truly satisfied and constantly chased after new goals and achievements. This obsession ultimately led to his demise and his spirit is now trapped in an endless pursuit, doomed to forever chase something just out of reach.

Mayor Pritchard

Once an influential mayor of a large town, Mayor Pritchard suffers the afterlife wrapped in chains and dragging himself across the floor. It is rumoured that the once Mayor abused his power through bribery and corruption for personal gain at the expense of the people he was elected to support. In death, he is doomed to roam the streets dragging his heavy chains as a reminder of his misdeeds.

Shamus Shacklesmen

Shamus Shacklesmen was a well known physician in Dublin. He lived a charmed life of notoriety and modest wealth. One day, he caused a terrible accident causing the death of an innocent young woman, Callie Polley. Shamus blamed the accident on an innocent man, his own brother Declan. Declan spent his life in prison, while Shamus lived a life of leisure. Now, Shamus spends the afterlife wearing the garments of a prisoner and chained to the mortal world, as a prisoner.

Declan Shacklesmen

After Declan Shacklesmen died in prison and became a ghost, he found himself trapped in the afterlife and unable to move on. When he found his mortal brother Shamus, he was filled with a desire for revenge. He manipulated Shamus to commit terrible acts, driven by a need to make him suffer as he had suffered in prison. Despite his brother's pleas for forgiveness, Declan was consumed by his anger and bitterness, and continued to torment his brother relentlessly.

Stan Waterman

Stan Waterman was a ruthless sea captain who plundered ships in the waters of the North Sea. He met his end when his ship sank during a violent storm. In the afterlife, his spirit has taken on a grotesque form resembling an octopus with large tentacles that propel him forward. His head takes the form of his old diving suit, giving him an eerie, otherworldly appearance. He haunts the waters, attacking anyone who crosses his path.

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy was a burly policeman who patrolled the streets with a large wooden club. In life, he was known for his tough demeanor and no-nonsense approach to law enforcement. He took great pride in his job and saw it as his duty to keep the community safe. However, his methods were unorthodox to some and excessive to many. Now, as in life, his ghostly presence patrols the streets of the afterlife forever, still wielding his trusty club doomed to walk the path he created in life.

Barnaby Barnum

Barnaby Barnum was once a renowned circus showman, famous for his human oddities and spectacles. Charming and charismatic in public, he was a merciless overlord to the poor souls who found themselves in his employment. His misdeeds in life are represented by the spectral circus performers that follow in his wake, their ethereal forms twisted and ugly reflections of his former sideshows acts. Each specter is a part of him, and his spirit is a grim collective hive of all those he showed no empathy for in life.


The Bloatgeist was a poor carriage driver who never saved money for his family. Instead, he was a glutton who ate constantly without restrain: baked goods, cured meats, candies, he even stole food from the hungry! In death, his insatiable appetite compels him to absorb the souls of the living into his bloated belly. Approach with caution, or risk becoming another meal for the gluttonous ghost.

Wilhelm Williams PHD

Wilhelm Williams PHD was a respected doctor and neurologist interested in the workings of the human mind. With funding from Malthus Industries, Wilhelm developed several experimental processes designed to help people with neurological diseases. He would often restrain people to participate in his experiments. Now, in the afterlife, he is restrained by chains, like so many of those he once held.

Molly Mallet

Molly Mallot and her brother, Mack Mallot, were blacksmiths. Molly Mallot's talent for blacksmithing far exceeded her brother, but she was never recognized. Molly resented her brother for his accolades her entire life. Now, in the afterlife, she wields a massive hammer expressing discontent for the world that took away her right to demonstrate her excellence.

Malthus Shock Trooper

Heinrich Shockman was a brilliant yet cruel inventor who made a living by experimenting on unwilling subjects. He developed a harmful device that could harness electricity from the human body and channel it into machines. To perfect his invention, he needed to conduct experiments on live subjects, which he abducted from the streets of London. Despite being caught and tried for his crimes, Shockman expressed no remorse. In the afterlife, he is now a small man crawling on the floor with electrodes sticking out of his back and spine.

Edward Candlesworth

Edward Candlesworth was fascinated with candles. He collected candles of all shapes, sizes, and scents. One day, while enjoying his collection at home, he saw his wife flirting with the postman, and in anger knocked over several candles setting the entire house ablaze. Edward remained angry all of his life. In the afterlife, his ghostly form is adorned with wax candles and now uses spectral flames to set fire to all he can.

Jester Jack

Jester Jack was once a jester who entertained the royal family with his tricks and jokes. However, his tricks became increasingly dangerous often hurting his own spectators. He would travel from town to town performing in front of unsuspecting audiences who were unaware that his tricks can cause severe damage. In the afterlife, Jester Jack has taken the form of a box similar to one that caused people the most pain.

Cissero Stark

Cissero Stark was a con artist. Throughout his disreputable career he participated in real estate schemes, sold ineffective medical remedies and sold shares of non-existent companies and inventions. While he felt regret each time he tricked a trusting person out of their hard earned money, he never changed his ways or took responsibility for his actions. He belived his actions were necesitated by the inequities of modern society and that he was simply a victim of his circumstances. In the afterlife, he has taken the shape of two connected forms, one a the con artist he was and the victim he believed himself to be.

Penelope Page

As a librarian, Penelope spent her life reading books. Her passion for literature was all-consuming, and she devoted all her time and energy to her work, neglecting her family in the process. When she died and became a ghost, she found herself trapped in the afterlife, unable to move on. Her extra hand, reaching out towards the shelves, was a constant reminder of the family she had neglected and the relationships she had lost.

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